Looking to purchase a home in Lovelock, Nevada? Take a look at what the area has to offer!


City of Lovelock


Lovelock tourism and mining have been the basis for the area economy, but in recent years a medium security prison was opened providing many job opportunities to the area.  A great opportunity for anyone thinking of starting or relocating a new business is the Lovelock Industrial park; Located on the south end of town, the business park built in conjunction with a new sewage treatment plant offers any new businesses, modern facilities in an area with a dependable small town workforce.


Lovelock was founded in 1866 by George Lovelock, who donated 85 acres to the railroad in exchange for naming the town in his honor. Prior to the railroads interest in the area the Lovelock Valley (The Meadows) was an important resting point for settlers on their way to California, before they tackled the imposing 40 mile desert. It is still a welcome site for travelers on I-80 who may want to spend an hour resting in the shade in the downtown park surrounding the Pershing County Courthouse, or swimming in the pool next door. The courthouse is one of only two round courthouses in the country and the interior shows the amazing craftsmanship of a bygone era.


Hunters relish in the wide variety of local wildlife, which includes big game like deer, antelope and bighorn sheep, as well as duck hunting in the Humboldt sink, and the premier upland game bird the chukar, found in the surrounding mountain ranges. The many local lakes and reservoirs provide the fisherman with a wide variety of choices, including a world record trout fishery at Pyramid Lake. Walleye and other warm water fish, in Rye Patch reservoir, and Lahontan reservoir, and trout fisheries in many of the high mountain lakes and streams throughout Northern Nevada.

Visitors to the area are often puzzled by the tufa formations west of town, left over by receding Lake Lahontan. The Lovelock caves south of town, is an interesting historical sight, mostly excavated, but artifacts from its excavation are exhibited in many museums around the country. The Marzen House Museum on the south end of town is packed with an amazing collection of local memorabilia. C Punch, previously Sturgeons casino on the north end of town, provides superior food and lodging. The local Cache Mini-storage is handy if you are moving to or from the Lovelock area


In Pershing County, one can enjoy the simple pleasures of a rural lifestyle, and yet experience Nevada’s unbeatable business climate. Home to wonderful outdoor recreation, as well as numerous annual events Pershing County offers everything one looks for in a rural setting. In Pershing County one can find great opportunities for businesses, large and small. For a business looking for a sparsely populated area with clean air, reasonable land costs, dependable workforce and beautiful desert landscaping, Lovelock and its surrounding areas would be ideal. Come and see why everyone is talking about Pershing County and its pro-business climate.


To reach Lovelock, travel East on Interstate 80 (I-80), from Reno, NV 92 Miles exit 105.